knee injury

Anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injuries occur in people of all ages involved in sports that require stopping, cutting, and landing from jumps. Specific plyometric programs have been developed in order to lower the risk of ACL tears across the board.

Dynamic Rehab offers a neuromuscular proprioceptive plyometric program that is research-based by Sports metrics™. This program helps prevent injury and is also used in rehabilitation following ACL reconstruction before the athlete returns to play. This neuromuscular plyometric training program is designed specifically to provide coordination, balance, and strength to prepare the athlete for the various potential injuries they may face in sports. The focus of the ACL Prevention Program is:

  1. To help the athlete develop proper form and technique
  2. To teach athletes how to build the base of their strength, power, and agility
  3. To improve the quality of athletes’ jumps and to assist them in translating those skills onto the field

The program offers the following benefits to athletes:

  • The skills to decrease their landing force
  • The ability to alter their jumping and landing mechanics to provide increased stability
  • The knowledge of how to correct their hamstring imbalances and quadriceps strength ratios
  • Proper training to improve strength and coordination in both legs
  • An increase in overall vertical height


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