Vestibular rehab

Vestibular rehab is a specialized form of physical therapy designed to help patients suffering from vestibular disorders. These disorders can cause various symptoms, including dizziness, vertigo, nausea, and imbalance. Vestibular rehab uses a variety of exercises and techniques to help patients retrain their brains and bodies to cope with the symptoms of their disorder.

One of the most important aspects of vestibular rehab is education. Patients need to understand their disorder and how it affects them to make the most of their therapy. Vestibular rehab exercises are often tailored specifically to each patient’s needs, so patients must work closely with their therapist to ensure they are doing the right exercises for their particular situation.

Vestibular rehab can be an effective treatment for various vestibular disorders. If you are suffering from any of these disorders, please speak to your doctor about whether vestibular Rehabilitation might be right for you.

At Dynamic Rehab, we specialize in vestibular rehab and help you regain your quality of life.


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